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Spray Lacquer (350grams)

Price - $16.00 per can. 
Available in BLACK and WHITE.

Spray Lacquer is ideal for marking equipment. Suitable surfaces:
  • metal, eg: skips, gas cylinders, industrial equipment.
  • timber, eg: barrels, pallets, crates.

Line Marking Paint (500grams)

Price - $19.00 per can. 

Available in BLACK, YELLOW, BLUE and WHITE.

Line Marking Paint is ideal for marking car parks, factories and warehouses. Suitable surfaces:
  • concrete, bitumen


Chalk Spay (350 grams)

Price - $17.00 per can.
Available in WHITE & YELLOW

A marking chalk with a fast drying time for the temporary marking (up to 30 days) of roads and footpaths. To remove chalk from footpaths use a wire brush and Simple Green (we currently have in stock 946ml spray bottles for $17.80)