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Decals from our Medium decals range - Page 4 

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All medium decals are sized 30cm x 30cm
Pack of 3 - $60
Pack of 3 - $60






Pack of 3 - $60
Pack of 3 - $60
Pack of 3 - $60



Pack of 3 - $60
 Pack of 3 - $60 
Pack of 3 - $60



Pack of 3 - $60
South Pacific 2
 Pack of 3 - $60
Pack of 3 - $60




Pack of 3 - $60
Pack of 3 - $60
Pack of 3 - $60


Blackboard decals
Write your daily "To-Do" list on these chalkboard decals.   These are designed for DIY installation on your fridge or wall and can be written on in chalk.  Full step-by-step installation instructions are provided.



(40 x 25cm)  $40
(25 x 40cm)  $40
(40 x 32cm)  $40
(31 x 45cm)  $40
(41 x 38cm)  $40
(26 x 40cm)  $40
 Cat Stalking
(32x45)  $40
(32 x 45cm)  $40
  Bird Pecking     Bird Standing
 (15x17cm)  $20     (15x20cm) $20
(20x45cm) $40
Sports Hatchback
(17x45cm)  $40
(15x45cm)  $40
Vintage Racing Car
(16x45cm)  $40

                                                       About our decals

Our wall decals are cut in a thick matte black vinyl which is easily applied and can be removed at a later time.   This is a thicker and more expensive vinyl than the material used by signwriters to stick to glass and has been chosen for its more robust sticking abilities.  If you wish to apply your decal to other more glossy surfaces such as windows, glass doors, fridges, kitchen cupboards and stainless steel splashbacks we have a range of 6 colours in a thinner grade vinyl.   When you order specify whether you want the matte black vinyl (for walls) or one of our coloured vinyls in the "Comments/Special Delivery Information" field of the order form.
Surface considerations
When applying decals to walls ensure that the surface is in good condition - i.e. no loose, flaking paint or plaster, and no dampness in the walls.  They will not stick to textured walls and if the walls have been recently painted we recommend that the paint is allowed to dry out for at least 4 weeks.  We recommend that the decal is installed promptly after receiving it, and if you do need to store it ensure that it is in a dry, temperate environment.  We will not provide refunds for decals which do not stick to unsuitable surfaces.
Our decals are cut in high quality materials but we have no control over surface or environmental conditions so we cannot guarantee against material fading or material degradation.  Due to variations in wall surfaces it is impossible to guarantee that no damage will occur when the decal is removed, especially if the decal has been in place for a long time, or if the wall surface is not completely stable.

All decals are designed for DIY installation - full step-by-step instructions are provided.


Coloured vinyls:

Black, Magenta, Dark Green, Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold, White, Chocolate Brown.