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Phone:  02 9518 7895

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8am - 4pm Monday to Friday


238 Glebe Point Road, Glebe  NSW  2037 (Sydney) AUSTRALIA

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About Us
Stencil Gallery is operated by Nicholas Orr and has been based in Glebe, Sydney since 2004.  Apart from the range of over 3500 decorative stencils Stencil Gallery's signage stencil division specializes in providing corporate and industrial clients with logos, roadmarking, labelling  and promotional stencils.

Our showroom is only 2km from the Sydney CBD at the Blackwattle Bay end of Glebe Point Road.  There is free parking for 2 hours in front and if you're catching the bus from the city take the 431 and exit one stop after Wigram Road.  If you are interstate we are happy to give advice by email or phone during normal working hours. 


These are some frequently asked questions by customers

How do I order a product on your website?
It depends on whether you're ordering Commercial/Industrial stencils or Decorative stencils.

1. Commercial/Industrial stencils - just phone 02 9518 7895 to order.

2. Decorative stencils - we have an online shopping cart so position your cursor over the item code, eg:  SGM10, and the cursor will change to a hand shape.  Click with the mouse and a new shopping cart page will open.  You can then choose to "Continue Shopping", ie: add more items to the shopping cart, or "Check-Out" which will take you to a new page where you enter all your details.  You'll notice down the list that the Country code automatically defaults to "United States".  If you're a local customer just click on the drop down menu and select "Australia.  Wait a moment for the screen to refresh and then type in your State, eg: NSW, in the box below.
How long does it take for delivery?

1. Commercial/Industrial - 1-2 day turnaround following payment.

2. Decorative - most of the stencils in our range are cut in the UK so allow 3 weeks for the stencils to arrive in Australia and then add on normal Australia Post delivery times.   We have a small range of stencil that we cut here in Sydney and these have the code "SG".  We try to keep them in stock so they can be delivered to you within 2-3 days.

What currency are the stencils quoted in?
All prices on the Stencil Gallery website are in Australian Dollars (incl.GST) and there is a Postage and Handling cost of $12.95 per decorative stencil order, so why not order a brush along with your stencil at the same time?  Orders from overseas may require an additional postage charge if the package is heavy - we will advise you by email if this is the case and get your approval beforehand.
What are the stencils made of?

Commercial/Industrial stencils are cut in 1.2mm and 2mm thick polypropylene as well as 350 micron mylar.

Decorative stencils are made from 125 or 190 micron mylar.  Mylar is a high quality polyester film which is semi-opaque.  Most of the UK range we sell is in the 125 micron thickness and the stencils that we cut here in Sydney (with the code SG) are 190 microns. 

Can I get one of your stencils made larger?
Yes.  We can increase the size of most of the stencils.  A rough idea of cost is double the size, double the price.
How do you clean the stencils?
It is not necessary to clean your stencils unless you get a thick buildup of paint which blocks the holes.  Some paints clean off easier than others.  Liquitex washes off with hot water and a soft brush, but Jo Sonja sticks a bit more.  Simple Green detergent works well – place the stencil on a piece of plastic (a cut open green garbage bag is great) and spray well.  Pat the plastic down over the top and leave overnight.  The paint should come off with a soft brush and water.  We even put our stencils in Lacquer Thinners if necessary to remove old paint but it is a dangerous product.   If you use paintstiks you will find your stencils remain quite clean anyway. 
How do I store my stencils?
Place on kitchen baking paper if they are sticky, or sprinkle on talc powder to stop the stickiness.  If you do this you will need to wipe off the powder with damp cloth before using again.  Store flat if small.  Large ones can be treated as above and rolled up and put in Post Office tubes.  Take them out a couple of days before you want to use them again and roll back the other way to make them flat again.
Can I stencil on fabric?
Yes.  It is very easy to stencil on fabric of all kinds.  Use 3M Repositionable Spray adhesive on a piece of cardboard large enough for the stencil and smooth the fabric over it to keep it from moving.  Then spray the back of the stencil and place it onto the fabric.  You can use various paints – Jo Sonja artists colours requires a textile medium 50/50; Liquitex is fine on its own, and screen printers paint is fine without any additive but they all need heat setting with an iron. 
Can I stencil my roller blinds?
Vinyl is difficult to stencil onto because the paint might not key properly and therefore scratch off with use. You could try in an inconspicuous place to check.  You can certainly stencil onto fabric roller blinds and a blind which has fabric on the front and a vinyl block-out backing.
Can the stencils be used with etching mediums?
Yes, the stencils can be used with Etchall which etches the glass but doesn’t harm the stencil.  Make sure the stencil is well adhered to the glass by using the 3M Repositionable Spray Adhesive beforehand.
Are your stencils one sheet or multi-layered?
Most of our stencils are one layer designs.  If you want to stencil part of the design in one colour and part in another colour you just need to hold a piece of card or plastic over the part you don’t want painted.  There are a few multi-layered stencils where you paint each sheet with a different colour, using the registration marks to match up the layers, much like screen printing. 
Can you make a stencil for me of my own design?
Yes, we have a custom service for this.   If your design – for example a company logo - has already been done by a graphic artist you will probably have a computer file we can use which only requires us to ‘stencillize’ the design by adding bridges to turn it into a stencil.  This is a specialised skill based on our years of designing stencils. 


If you have drawn an original design, our graphic artist may need to trace your design on the computer, work on making all the lines perfectly curved or straightened, and then ‘stencillize’ the design to ensure it all holds together as a stencil.  If a lot of design work is required this can be quite expensive – but we can give you a quote if you email us your design.
How do I determine the sizes of the stencils?
The sizes are first shown in inches and then in mm or cm.   The size always refers to the cut-out area – not the sheet of stencil film.  The first dimension is always the height of the stencil and the second the width.  Although the illustrations in the catalogue and on the website, especially the borders, appear to show the stencils being of uniform size, this is merely a graphic device to aid readability.   It is important for you to check the measurements to ensure the stencil size will be appropriate for its intended use.
What is your returns policy?
As the stencils and decals are cut to order we can only accept returns for exchange or refund if the stencil is faulty.  In order to avoid disappointment please check the information on the size of the stencil or decal very carefully before ordering.
Is the shopping cart secure?
Yes.  For your protection all credit card information is encrypted and processed on a secure server and we follow strict privacy codes and will not pass on any of your details to any other party.  Your email address will automatically be added to our email list for e-newsletters highlighting any new ranges or specials.  If you do not wish to be on the mailing list please advise us.