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Stencils from our Chinoiserie range - Page 1

Chinoiserie Range Page 1.



CH10 Bluebird Panel (112cm high x 43cm wide) - $472.50
CH10-L Bluebird Panel - Large(183cm high x 68cm wide) - $607.50

 CH10-X Bluebird Panel - Extra large (244cm high x 88cm wide - $742.50


Image courtesy of Lancaster Painters
CH11 Peacock Panel (112cm high x 43cm wide) - $472.50
CH11-L Peacock Panel (183cm high x 68cm wide) - $607.50
CH11-X Peacock Panel (244cm high x 88cm wide) - $742.50
CH28 Mandarin Repeat (36.8cm high x 67.3cm wide - area shown in black) - $186.30

CH32 Willow Pattern Repeat (58.4cm high x 62.2cm wide) - $215.90



CH45 Rococo Flowers (48.2cm high x 35.5cm wide) - $186.30



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